Monday, December 27, 2004

Please be seated

I had an epiphany at church on Christmas Eve. It was packed. We arrived 20 minutes early, and could hardly squeeze through the doors to stand in the vestibule. At the same time, the pews were nowhere near filled -- because so many people were "saving" so many seats.

It occurred to me we need to ban seat-saving -- at rock concerts, Hollywood blockbusters or midnight Mass. If you have the time to show up an hour early to get a seat, fine. But you better bring the whole clan with you, because any open spaces will remain up for grabs.

Short of an eBay auction (a little unseemly for church, if not Farm Aid) a seat-saving ban would best allocate seats to the fannies that value them most. The person willing to expend the most time actually sitting in the seat will get it. Now 9 of ten spots go to people with one friend obnoxious enough to claim every seat he can drape a topcoat and scarf across, while other people stand in the aisles.

A seat-saving ban would also cut the amount of time anyone would have to spend waiting on line for popular events, especially if it's clear that you lose your claim to your spot even if you have to go the the bathroom. Imagine the increased worker productivity when week-long camp-outs for Star Wars tickets or Filene's Basement Bridal Gown Sales become be a thing of the past.

I look forward to the Becker-Posner blog addressing this issue after the holidays.


Blogger Skip James said...

As the father of many (some have taken to calling me Abraham), I can see the value of seat saving. Of course I can also understand your point. The thing with us is, we take up a whole pew and then someone goes and gets sick, causing two or three of us to leave for several minutes. So there you have a perfectly good seat and to see it go unused, well that is tragic.

Now here's the thing I can't understand. Why not have an extra Mass (or two) on Christmas. Would this end the madness? Perhaps it would help. Do the Christmas and Easter folk not come back because they never get to sit down? "Look," they are saying to themselves, "there are already enough people going to church. They don't need me hanging around."

6:55 PM, December 27, 2004  
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