Monday, November 08, 2004

Judging Judges

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Jim Lindgren suggests Bush pick Alberto Gonzalez for the next open slot on the Supreme Court. What a rotten idea. Lindgren notes that Gonzalez favors affirmative action and is suspicious of even the slightest hindrance against abortion rights. The mind boggles at how the two very things that should disqualify Gonzalez are seen, by Lindgren, as reasons to choose him.

There are a lot of issues the Supreme Court deals with, but right now the two that outweigh everything else put together are affirmative action and abortion. Gonzalez opposes what Republicans want on both.

Though he has greater strength in the Senate, Bush may still need to make deals to get his candidates in. Or maybe not. Let's find out. But if he reaches the point where he has to make a deal to let Gonzalez in, I say screw it--pick Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, over at Drudge, the latest rumor is Bush would like to make Clarence Thomas the next Chief Justice. I don't know what goes on backstage at the Court, but Thomas seems like a quiet, calm man, who might have the talent to be a good CJ. Personally, I think the job is mostly an administrative one and the power the Chief Justice has to set an agenda is vastly overrated.

However, Clarence Thomas was a lightning rod and could become one again. A confirmation hearing to move him from an associate justice to Chief Justice might blow up in Bush's face. Is this worth spending his capital on? (On the other hand, maybe after Clinton, Democrats will have a tough time voting against any powerful official who chases after underlings.)


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