Saturday, January 01, 2005

More Predictions

Generally speaking, I don't like predictions. I believe in chaos theory: we don't have enough information at present to see more than a few seconds ahead. But Pajama Guy apparently likes them so I'm responding. We'll also have 2004 Awards up pretty soon.

War On Terror: Murderous thugs will continue causing trouble in Iraq for years to come, not realizing they've already lost their country and there's nothing they can do about it. Bin Laden will have yet another lousy year.

World Politics: "Old Europe" and the United States will continue to be mutually distrustful. Only token efforts at rapprochement will be made. There will be little or no cessation of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Kofi Annan will serve out the two years left in his term as UN Secretary-General.

American Politics: The Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party will not be chastened in the slightest by the 2004 election, and will continue to demonize Bush and make ridiculous claims about the war on terror. Right wing cultural mavens will continue to fight phantom threats against religion. Donald Rumsfeld will continue to serve. The meaning of "neocon" will continue spreading outward until it simply means someone who isn't a Democrat.

Law: Michael Jackson will be in trouble because, the way the laws are interpreted, almost no evidence will be needed to convict him. Robert Blake is in even bigger trouble. The Democrats will not be able to prevent any Supreme Court choice President Bush makes.

Pop Culture: The Passion Of The Christ will not win an Oscar. This will be misinterpreted by many prominent right-wing Christians as a snub. The top Oscar winner will be a smaller grosser than usual. Super Size Me will win best documentary. Sitcoms will make a comeback (I don't predict this, I just pray it's true.)

Sports: People will realize they don't need hockey. So will the NHL. The Cubs will teach the Red Sox a lesson by not winning the World Series.


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