Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Enough Already

So it looks like early next week there'll finally be a showdown over the judicial filibuster. Next week?! I can't wait that long. We've been talking about this since the late 70s. I don't even care who wins anymore, let's just do it.

I'm guessing the Repubs win if there is a vote, since why would they allow a vote otherwise? We know the Dems will vote in lockstep, and we know at least three Repubs will defect, so the question is can the Dems peel off three more.

The real question, though, if they manage to stop the filibuster, is who will succeed in the pr battle afterward? My guess is most likely "who cares?" will win the day.

(I do love to see Dem partisans like Jim Lampley warning how dangerous the move is, as if they only have the Republicans' best interests at heart. From the start of The Huffington Post Lampley's been such an obvious member of the tinfoil hat brigade that I swore I wouldn't bother with him, but his latest piece is so wonderful I must quote a line: "Five years ago I began telling my friends that George W. Bush and company would provide the greatest stimulus to liberal momentum since 1968." Glad to know it, Jim, just one question: how did the events of six months ago, when Bush got more votes than anyone ever, figure into your claim? I can just see him on Election Night 2004, drunkenly pigeonholing everyone--"with another term for Bush and the Republicans solidly taking the Congress, we can't lose now!." (To be fair to Jim, he does actually believe in crackpot theories about how the election was stolen.))


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