Monday, August 01, 2005


If you get Showtime, you might want to watch the Penn and Teller show tonight. It's usually worth watching anyway, but this week it features my old friend Virginia Postrel. (I'm not sure if P&T are on her side or not.)

And, of course, you can always check out Virginia's blog any time.

Columbus Guy says: Sounds fishy. All of them are essentially libertarians. Are you sure she's not featured as an expert on a topic other than herself? Unless they're doing an expose of the Libertarian Party, of which an apt description of its political prospects is indeed "Bullshit." Or maybe they're ticked off by the implicit competition of her "dynamism."

LAGuy responds: I've never seen Viriginia featured as an expert on herself (how would that work? "I'm blonde, 5' 6" and weigh....") Watch for yourself--if you don't get Showtime see if a friend'll tape it, or wait for the DVD release.

Tonight's season-ending episode is about how people want the best. Now there's an argument that more and more material wealth doesn't make you happier, and it's not a bad one. On the other hand, Virginia has written against the Jeremiah's who complain that capitalism gives us too much choice. Could be interesting.

Columbus Guy rejoins: I don't have any friends. Will you tape it for me?

LAGuy replies: I've taped it. Now drop by some time this week or I'll have to tape over it.

Actually, it wasn't much. It was about how some people must have "the best" and how chasing that is no fun. Virginia was her eminently sensible self, saying some linear things may be the best, but it can also be a subjective standard.


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