Saturday, September 10, 2005

Touchdown Jesus

Well, LAGuy can't be too happy about this, not that I am either. Notre Dame continues one of the great rivalries, knocking Michigan off at the Big House. But at least it's nice to see Notre Dame climb back into the power leagues (or, alternatively, it's depressing to think Michigan could sink so low).

Meanwhile, we live about four blocks from Ohio Stadium and ColumbusGal and I cannot stand the party crowds. I like to see the Big 10 do as well as anyone, but come 8 o'clock, I'll probably be rooting for Texas and overturning cars parked in our spaces. Maybe I'll go find some porch couches to set on fire.

LAGuy adds: I was gonna write about the Michigan game, but instead, I'll just be quiet and drive my car into a telephone pole.

As for Ohio State, I will follow my rule of rooting for any Big Ten team when they play outside the conference.


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