Sunday, November 20, 2005


ColumbusGal and I had the nicest experience Saturday. We have two dogs. One's a black lab, and you know how they are. They want to go with you, and if you're meeting with your banker, they're cool with that. They've got a tie somewhere.

Our other is a bad boy appropriately named "Wolf" by the six-year-old ColumbusDaughter 11 years ago, for how he looks, sounds and behaves

They've aged and so our walking range has narrowed, but the other day we took them to an isolated field that we used to take them to every day. Lots of acreage and woods and no population or use, yet right near the heart of town. ColumbusGal likes to lie in the sun and the boys can disappear for an hour if they like, except the lab, of course.

But after 15 minutes of sun, what do we see except a coyote walking through an open field coming up to about 50 yards of us to look, with Wolf right behind, happy as a lark. We start calling our boy, because we figure it's even money whether he'll be eaten or decide to join a more productive pack, and then what do we see but a pair of the coyotes on either end of our boy running out of the woods and over a hill?

By this point we pack our home boy in the car and go walking and calling. After 25 minutes we quit and meet to regroup, but for whatever reason our boy chose that time to rejoin us, out of breath and quite satisfied. Our pack won. Or he couldn't keep up with his homies. Anyway, we're happy he's not lunch.


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