Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sandler's people

I blew five bucks a few days ago to pick up some obsolete VHS of Patton and Punch-Drunk Love. to play on our obsolete VHS machine. ColumbusGal and ColumbusDaughter fired it up while I worked on something last night, and God is PDL fabulous.

And little did I know that LAGuy was living under a pseudonym.

LAGuy adds: The only thing worse than Adam Sandler trying to be funny is Adam Sandler trying to be serious. I remember seeing Punch-Drunk Love on opening day with a packed arthouse crowd panting for PTA's latest, and boy did the air go out of that balloon fast. The sense of disappointment was almost tangible.

Columbus Guy says: Yeah? That's a good way to describe the NPR gang, "almost tangible," but even so, it's nothing compared to how fucked up Sandler's indubitably tangible audience found it.

But it was still great.


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