Monday, September 04, 2006

Great moments in intellectual property

Ever since sometime between sixth and tenth grade, when I figured out that Bayer sells a product for twice the price as a competitor, but people buy it anyway, I've always bought the generic.

I buy in bulk, too, if you're interested. It bothers ColumbusGal when I bring home 40 rolls of tp, or a five-gallon bucket of ketchup. She says the house is too small, but since when can you have too much tp or ketchup?

So, anyway, speaking of bulk, a year or so ago my sister, WarsawGal, told me of these orange, chewable fiber tablets, Benefiber, because I was complaining about alternative products. But when I went to buy it, it was too expesive for me. Right next to it, though, was CVS's "Betterfiber, compare to Benefiber," etc.

Recently, though, I noticed that it's changed. It's now "Easyfiber, compare to Benefiber," etc.

I'm surprised that change was necessary, but maybe there's not enough profit in fiber-carrying knockoffs to fight it out in court. Or maybe they lost because they had to leave suddenly.

LAGuy adds belatedly: I have a rule about TP. If there's any question at all, buy it. You can't have too much, but you sure can have too little. On the other hand, it's easy to have too much ketchup.


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