Friday, December 29, 2006

Olives and their Oil

As a lark we bought a collection of Chaplin's first shorts, 8 dvd's, the kind of thing we figured to put on the shelf and never watch. By mistake we watched the second film first, "Kid Auto Races at Venice" (I presume California) and it's fabulous. The first time as the tramp, but what makes it great is the simplicity of it. It's nothing at all but 8 minutes of film of soap box derby cars and low powered racing cars, with crowds lining the dirt track. Chaplin plays a man who we recognize from every Today Show and Oprah show: the idiot mugging for the camera. Film makers are trying to film the race, but Chaplin keeps jumping in front of the camera, oblivious to the thing being filmed. Just wonderful.

So what am I, 90 years behind LAGuy?


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