Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Billion Dollar Advice

Let me summarize Google CEO Eric Schmidt's commencement address at the University Of Pennsylvania:

"Life is more than technology. Human relations are more important than Facebook or Twitter. Don't plot out your future too rigidly. You can learn from your mistakes. You can't plan on inspiration, but you can be ready to take advantage when it strikes. There are great opportunities even in bad times."

It's a good thing he's got technical expertise, since he can only speak in cliches.


Blogger New England Guy said...

While it seems natural to think that successful people have something to tell the rest of us, have you noticed that its rarely if ever the case. While certainly hard work, skills, imagination and a lot of personal attributes contribute to success and lot of impersonal and uncontrollable forces do too. They'd be advised to skip the advice and just tell us what they plan to do next.

5:24 AM, May 20, 2009  

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