Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Mary

I've done a tribute to Peter and Paul, and was eagerly awaiting November 9th to put up something for Mary Traver's birthday. Now she's gone.

Mary was the magic ingredient who transformed two otherwise nondescript folk artists into one of the best and biggest acts of the 60s. (That may sound harsh, and there's no question the guys had talent, but how far do you think the act of Peter & Paul would have gone?) I've read she was shy and didn't like to perform, but you could have fooled me. A rare combination of beauty and talent.


Blogger New England Guy said...

This morning on the local Maine TV station they ran a part of an interview PP& M did at some point when they were all still out performing - Asked what song she never recorded but wished she had, Mary said "I Am Woman" but then went on to say (somewhat in contradiction) that she didn't like the "I am invincible" line as she wasn't and had no interest in being so.

7:35 AM, September 17, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the worst line in that song is "I'm just an embyro" considering the stance feminists were taking on abortion at the time.

9:27 AM, September 17, 2009  

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