Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Below PAR

I've heard from several sources that Parks And Recreation has come into its own. Sorry, I'm not seeing it. I enjoy its lead-in, Community, more each week, but Parks And Recreation still doesn't do it for me.

The central character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, isn't that compelling. She a well-meaning screwup, but it's hard to get excited about her misadventures in government. Much worse is the unfunny love triangle with Ann, Mark and Andy. These characters hardly have anything to do with the show, anyway.

I sort of like Aubrey Plaza as April, but the only character who's actually working better than expected is Nick Offerman's Ron.

PS At the official website, they offer a series of politically incorrect murals from Pawnee. This is part of a running gag on the show, and it's not bad, but look at the description of this mural:

Pawnee would never have survived if settlers hadn't figured out ways to peacefully co-exist with their Native American neighbors. They would come together at "trading posts" to exchange food and goods. Sort of like a flea market, with a high risk of intentional small pox

It amazes me how quickly this small pox germ warfare myth has taken root. About twenty years ago or so, I don't think it was in the popular consciousness. Now it's so widely accepted that jokewriters can assume it.


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