Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Night Out

So last Friday I saw a movie in Burbank. Doesn't matter what since the interesting stuff happened after.

While driving out of the parking garge, I noticed a bunch of cop cars and an ambulance. Somehow someone had driven a car directly through a huge window into a furniture store. It's the kind of thing you only see in a movie. It was just a side street, and there was no cross street, so I still can't figure how anyone could have driven that car straight in.

Then, driving down Magnolia, I saw this license plate: 5 4 DSNY. As I explained earlier, this time I figured I'd find out what it meant. At the next red, I drove alongside the car as asked the driver. He explained there were five in his family, and they all loved Disneyland. Five for Disney.

Once I got on the Hollywood side of the hills, on Cahuenga, the traffic practically stopped. I could see ahead the cops had closed down the road from Hollywood to Sunset. Another accident? Not sure why. But while I'll slowly inched forward, I got to watch a slap fight between two girls coming out of a club. Maybe they closed down the wrong part of the road.


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