Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oscar Race

There's talk of moving the Oscar telecast to January. Some fear it's too early, and viewers won't have time to catch the nominees that tend to bunch up near the end of the year.

I say good. It'll be good advertising for films already out there (which is what the Oscars used to be back in the days when movies ran for months). Anyway, the Oscars should be awarded as close as possible to the year the award is for, while memories are fresh.

There's this awful movie award season that starts around December and stretches on for months, and doesn't end until the Oscars. Let's cut this agony down to a few weeks.

The move will also cut down on all the electioneering (which is more noticeable here in Hollywood than elsewhere), which would be nice. Let's get these Oscars going. The Golden Globes are a joke anyway.


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