Friday, March 11, 2011

The One After Californication

Recently I noted IFC had re-upped on their Todd Margaret show.  Now Showtime has doubled down on Shameless and Episodes.

I've tried to get into Shameless, but it just won't take.  Episodes, however, I've enjoyed.  It's about a British couple coming to Hollywood and making compromises get their sitcom, starring Matt LeBlanc, on the air.  It's not quite in Todd Margaret territory as far as storyline--they ended with their marriage breaking down but their pilot doing well.  So the show is poised for more, without demanding it.

I thought Episodes picked up as it went along (in a seven-episode arc), and LeBlanc playing himself (sort of) added the spice that set it apart.  And now they it knows who the characters are, it can probably get better.   So good for Showtime.  It may not be another Larry Sanders or Party Down, but it's something to look forward to.


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