Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sequels, Comic Books And The Occasional Original

With the summer movie season already upon us, I've forgotten to make my predictions for what the top grossing films will be.  But Box Office Mojo did. Here are their predictions (for releases starting in May), and pardon me for just giving root titles:

1.  Harry Potter - $350 million
2.  Transformers - $320 million
3.  Kung Fu Panda - $285 million
4.  Cars - $270 million
5.  Hangover - $255 million
6.  Pirates Of The Caribbean - $230 million
7.  Captain America - $200 million
8.  Thor - $180 million
9.  Super 8 - $180 million
10.  Zookeeper - $170 million
11.  X-Men - $155 million
12.  Green Lantern - $130 million
13.  Bridesmaids - $125 million
14.  Planet Of The Apes - $125 million
15.  Smurfs - $120 million
16.  Cowboys & Aliens - $95 million

Other movies to watch:  Mr. Popper's Penguins, Crazy Stupid Love, Larry Crowne, The Change-Up, The Help, Fright Night, Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses.

Note the top six are sequels.  Remind me in three months to check back and see how they did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Aliens less than $100 million? May as well move to France.

5:26 AM, May 28, 2011  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I was gonna comment that the list seemed particularly tough on Cowboys & Aliens.

9:40 AM, May 28, 2011  
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