Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cabin Essence

In the first sentence of Mark Olsen's LA Weekly review of The Cabin In The Woods, he gives away the ending.  He then has the nerve, in the same sentence, to claim what he just wrote wasn't really a spoiler.

Yes it is. A huge one. Olsen tells you where the movie will end up, something in question throughout the entire story.

It's always a tricky call for a critic--how much of the plot to give away. (The worst is when they reveal the twists and turns and act like it's their cleverness, not the film's.) But with this genre, in a review published a day before the film opens, you might think he'd know enough to give the reader a chance.  But no one could possibly be allert enough to stop that spoiler.

By the way, he, as opposed to most critics, doesn't even like the film.


Blogger VermontGuy said...

Saw it yesterday. The movie rocks. Especially the last act.

8:27 AM, April 14, 2012  

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