Sunday, March 10, 2013


I don't watch too many "reality" shows but I checked out (on and off) King Of The Nerds, which just finished its first season.  The idea couldn't be simpler--get a bunch of self-professed nerds together and through elimination rounds, based on nerdy interests, pick the king who'll be head of Nerdvana and sit on the Throne Of Games. Being at least an honorary nerd, it seemed up my alley.

The show reminded me of why I don't generally watch reality TV.  All the wasted time.  Each episodes was an hour, but only two things happened--the first contest where some person or team got immunity, followed by the second contest where someone was eliminated.  The rest is filler, especially all those tiresome confessional moments where the nerds talk directly to the camera about what they were feeling while they played the game.

Also, many of the contests seemed ill-conceived, none more so than the finale, where the knocked-out nerds came back and voted for the winner.  Why should it end in such subjectivity--especially coming from losers who likely have a chip on their shoulder about their mightiest opponent?  I won't spoil it for you, but I was so disgusted by the results that I was sorry I watched at all.


Blogger New England Guy said...

I feel old- I never "got" reality shows. I don't even like the talent shows. Constructed reality is preferable

3:24 PM, March 10, 2013  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I may be a rarity, butthe only reality show I ever liked was Last Comic Standing. I didn't start watching until the 4th season, I think, but perhaps why I liked it was how unreal it was. It was a glimpse into the way the mind works for a professional comic, which showed how scientific one can be about comedy. I never realized how much of a formula there was to comedy.

The other fun thing was how unbelievably awful many of the non-professional applicants could be in the first round of auditons.

7:27 AM, March 11, 2013  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I watched Last Comic Standing a bit since I know a lot of comics and in fact knew the winner in the second season. But I grew tired of it quickly. I don't mind stand-up (though I've seen enough of it in my life that I don't feel the need to see much more), but didn't really need to see it turned into a contest.

10:28 AM, March 11, 2013  

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