Saturday, August 17, 2013

Junior Achievement

So Jesse Jackson Jr. has been sentenced to thirty months for spending three-quarters of a million in campaign funds on personal expenses.  Such as? A cruise, spa treatments, fancy restaurant tabs, flat-screen TVs, clothing, movie tickets, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson memorabilia, elk heads, cigars and a Build-A-Bear workshop.

I don't understand why any of this is illegal. It's his campaign.  If people want to give him money, that's their choice.  Hey, he got elected, so I guess his strategy worked.  Were the donors unhappy with him as a representative?  If they liked him, what's the problem?  If they didn't, then they should stop donating money, or give it to his competitors.

Politicians regularly make bad choices that hurt us--after they're elected.  That's what we should be watching out for.  But no one's forced to give a campaign money.  Jackson should have been allowed to spend it however he liked.


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