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David Frost has died. He hasn't been on too many lips lately, but as an interviewer, TV personality and gadabout he made quite an impression.

Whenever I think of him, however, I can't help but think of Monty Python, whose members had a fairly jaundiced view of the man. Only a few years younger than Frost, they were among the many contributors to his Frost Report in the mid-60s.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My most persistent memory of David Frost is unfortunately from a crappy ad campaign for daytime TV some time in the mid 70s before the Nixon interviews. At the time, there were some not bad talk shows on TV in the daytime- Art Linkletter, I think Phil Donahue was just starting (and was semi-serious), Mike Douglas and David Frost. (Before daytime talk shows were the [complete] wasteland they became later.) Anyway the softer show, Mike Douglas was on after the noon news and David Frost interviews were on around 4 PM. The station was going to switch them and began a massive (or so it seemed) advertising campaign that "David's Early & Mike's Late" often showing clips from famous old black & white movies dubbing in cheesy dialogue about the scheduling change.

That & I remember David interviewing the Soviet ambassador and being interrupted from the audience by dissidents (Save Soviet Jewry?) and David high-handedly having them tossed from the studio- I'm sure it was taped- but at the time I thought it was exciting history-in-action (and at the time it seemed to have treated the good guys an the bad guys and vice versa)

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