Thursday, October 24, 2013

Entourage Outrage

Here's another quick new post.

I watched Entourage through its eight seasons with less and less interest, and while it had an audience, I was a bit surprised to hear a movie announced a while ago.  It's not like the show had huge numbers. Wasn't it played out, anyway?  But I guess after another HBO comedy, Sex And The City, became a surprise blockbuster, they figured let's roll the dice again.  (Though Entourage was not the same TV phenomenon.)

One of the last Entourage plots featured Kevin Dillon's Johnny Drama and Andrew Dice Clay playing himself holding out for more money before they did a job, even though both desperately needed a comeback.  They won out in the end, and now we're getting a real-life version of that.  Turns out the Entourage movie is on hold because most of the cast is unhappy that co-star Jeremy Piven has a better deal.

This makes sense, since Piven's Ari the agent is the breakout character from the show, not to mention probably the biggest name from the cast.  While I suppose all five lead characters are necessary to get the movie off the ground, the single most important is Piven's.

Warners, who owns the property, insists on keeping the budget down, and producer Mark Wahlberg has said the movie will start shooting "As soon as them guys stop being so greedy."  Adrian Grenier, who plays Vinnie Chase, the star within the show, responded "I will sign any deal that gives ALL the boys an opportunity to share in the upside of success EQUALLY" (capitalization his).

I can understand his wish for more money, or at least some back end if the movie does well, and who knows, maybe he'll get it.  But no one needs to make any movie, especially an Entourage movie.  So the question one asks is just how well has the cast of Entourage been doing since the show left the air?  (I haven't noticed much from any of them except Piven.)

With so little leverage, perhaps they should swallow their pride and take their paychecks (which would seem sizable to most people).  And if the movie does well, they will have a back end--they can get more money for the sequel and will probably get other offers.

Either way, I don't particularly care. I just want to know what's holding up the Party Down movie?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the movie somewhat about the politics of the business so the guys need to act the part?

7:15 AM, October 24, 2013  

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