Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Love Shack?

According to Derek Thompson in The Atlantic, Radio Shack is in trouble. But then you knew that.  Most brick and mortar gizmo shops are falling to the onslaught of Amazon. But I didn't know how many Radio Shacks there were.  Right now, over 5000, though they'll be shuttering so many it'll soon be 4000. (Is that just in America, or around the world?)

Now Radio Shack isn't exactly Best Buy--you can fit one in the mini-est of mini-malls.  But that number shocked me. That many? So I thought about it.  There's a Shack not 400 yard from where I write this, and another about a mile and a half down the road. I can think of another around five miles away.  None of these three are in big malls. I bet most of those 5000 are neatly tucked away in small places all over this country, like, say, UPS--just keep driving down the road until you see one.

But do I buy things there?  Only when I need something simple and quick.  I think the last time I went to Radio Shack was a few years ago to purchase a splitter, or something like that.  Are there Shackies?  People who just like to hang out and see the latest accessories?  It's not like a see a lot of business when I drive by.

By the way, do they still sell radios?


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