Sunday, April 06, 2014

Get Into The Game

Today's the big day.  New Game Of Thrones.  Watching over the past seasons, something hit me.  The big threat are the White Walkers.  When you think of it, all the fighting over the Iron Throne is a sideshow compared to them.  So I have a couple questions.

1).  Just how long are these guys gonna take?  I don't know how much time has passed since the show started, but considering how far certain characters have traveled and how much has happened, I'm guessing at least a couple years.  And yet we're still waiting for the White Walkers to make their move.  We were introduced to them literally within minutes of the first episode, and saw them on the march at the end of the first season, but they haven't even reached the Wall yet.  Heck, Samwell was over the Wall, saw them en masse, and has come back already, and it's not like he's the fastest guy.

2).  I know the undead can be scary, but come on, are they that big a threat?  Not only do they move slow, but they don't seem that hard to put down.  There are weapons that kill them pretty quick, but above that, you can take care of them by lighting them on fire.  Combine that with their speed and I'd say a little gasoline is all it takes to end the war.  I'd be a lot more frightened of those three dragons out East.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Old Ones operate on their own time

11:39 AM, April 06, 2014  

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