Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Several years ago Congress passed some resolution or other saying that if any of the laughable-if-it-weren't-so-tragic "international law" jurisdictions sought to lay hands on U.S. soldiers to prosecute them, that the U.S. military would intervene. Of course it was all about Iraq, but it could have been anything. NPR interviewed some nobody in Belgium who was quite outraged and wondered if the Marines would attack Brussels.

Yes, ma'm, that was exactly the point.

(Of course we've lost that will by now. I doubt that we had it then, but we could make a colorable claim of it, especially in the context of the day. I suppose the decay curve suggests we might get it back temporarily at some point, but I'm guessing the oomph has fallen below threshold.)

Evidence of this comes via Mr. Holder's and Mr. Obama's decision to issue criminal charges against five Chinese soldiers.

How many divisions has Mr. Holder, again? I read recently that his buddy Chuck was looking to cut the number in any event.

Favorite line: "Analysts said the US was unlikely to be able to put the men on trial . . ."

Indeed. The soaring majesty of the law.

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