Friday, June 06, 2014

Shake My Life Loose

I noticed Bosom Buddies was being shown on MeTV and thought I'd see how it held up.  I don't recall it being repeated, and with only 37 episodes, it's not the kind of program that airs too often.

To many, BB introduced them to the talents of Tom Hanks (and Pete Scolari).  And, coming from the early 80s, it was one of those shows that had a long opening--because no one had 100 channels and a remote yet--where they'd take their time introducing the premise and characters.  It looked like this (with the closing thrown in for free):

As you can hear, the show used Billy Joel's "My Life" as its theme song (with a soundalike, sort of).  But ASCAP and BMI are powerful organizations, demanding money long after everyone else has been paid off.  This is why some shows that used original tunes, like The Sopranos and Freaks And Geeks, cost more than other DVDs--to pay for all those royalties.  But reruns can't always afford it.  Thus we get this:

They can do what they want.  We'll never forget:


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