Saturday, August 30, 2014

Case Closed

I was watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents with the closed captioning on.  It was one of the CC cases where instead of pre-done stuff, apparently someone was typing while listening, so you get plenty of missed words, even sentences.

More entertaining are the mistakes.  Each show is introduced by Hitchcock, and this episode, "Death Scene," starts with Hitch holding a ticking case.  He opens it and finds an alarm clock.  On it he reads "tempus fugit."

So how does the CC typist hear this?  We get "tempt us fugitive." Usually they simplify, but in this case, it's seems to be someone trying to make sense of incomprehensible words.  I guess "tempt us fugitive" sort of sounds like a Hitchcock plot, but still.

PS  On another show, someone ordered "sherbert" at a restaurant, and the CC said "sherbert." I like this. No "sic" either.  If you fail to say it correctly, that's what the CC should show.


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