Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Young

Happy birthday, Tony Sandler. He was part of the singing duo Sandler and Young, the type of act that was so outmoded in the rock era that it's hard to believe anyone ever enjoyed them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had never seen that Sammy Maudlin sketch before. Thanks. I never found the Sammy Maudlin sketches all that funny but I always was drawn to them anyway. It seemed to evoke a complete a complete and utter contempt for a certain segment of Hollywood- (aging ratpackers?). Lotsa hate on display there. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I also seem to recall that John Candy in his role as the unctuous but probably soberer version of Ed MacMahon, William Bee- Sammy's sidekick cohost, prefigured the whole "War on Christmas" years before it became a Fox shtick.

7:57 AM, August 18, 2014  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I thought the Sammy Maudlin stuff (first based on the Sammy Davis Jr talk show, where he'd laugh way too hard at what the guests were doing) was often a highlight. It's true that their contempt for show biz was never more apparent.

My memory could be suspect, but I think this particular bit was around the time William B walked off because he got drunk and said he was a bum who was holding back Sammy. William got his own show which was a disaster--it included Irving Cohn, who told him he should never have left, and Sammy himself, who came on the show and brightened things up a bit.

10:37 AM, August 18, 2014  
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