Monday, September 29, 2014

Satisfaction, Justice and the American Way

LAGuy notes he has (implicitly, an overwhelming majority of) friends who are upset about corporations being "persons." (It goes without saying that their misanthropy extends only to disfavored corporations, not favored ones.)

What a marker, to be upset about a corporation being a "person." What do they think, that judges and shareholders think it has veins?

I suppose robots will be a help in this regard. We can center anthropomorphization on the robot, then blow the robot up after it tearfully apologizes to everyone and says it loves Big Brother. It can be a reality show sponsored by CT Corporation.

Clearly, the press and the people who find this an issue won't have the attention span to recognize that those single "corporations" they hate so are dozens and hundreds of corporations. It will be all the more satisfying to blow them up again.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm firmly convinced that the folks with real understanding of the Citizens United Decison on the left recognize that the decision is simply one of many lines drawn by the S.Ct. regarding all Constitutional rights. For instance, it's obvious that the Constitution protects the right of people to own property (safe from seizure by the gov't without compensation). Would anyone suggest that just because people join to form a corporation, they should lose this right?

So the S.Ct has said the same is true of speach rights. It's not that the corp. is a living, breathing human being - its that human being coming together to collectively own and operate a business in a corporation shouldn't lose their right to speak collectively. Forcing them to form a second collective (a PAC) never made sense.

8:06 AM, September 29, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

I'll posit there are three groups (on the Left). Those will real understanding, i.e., that accept it as ordinary law.

Those who understand it's the law but don't care, because they don't value law as law, only as a partisan weapon.

Those who don't understand it. I'll admit they don't think the corporate form has veins, but they sure think it has brains.

4:29 PM, September 30, 2014  
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