Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm Not That Sleepy

Today is the birthday of Christopher Lloyd (the actor), so let's talk about him.

Sometimes reruns of older shows will cut bits to make more room for commercials.  I don't like it in any case, but I really hate it when they cut something I remember and was hoping to see. Case in point, "Elegant Iggy" from Taxi, one of my favorite episodes, and, as it happens, a fan favorite as well.

Here's how it now appears:

I wasn't the only one to notice something missing. Here's a comment on YouTube from a "Jeffrey Sundwall":

I remember seeing this episode (I think) and at the very end Jim, Elaine, and perhaps the hostess of the party are standing around the piano singing something like "too tired to sleep and too much in love to go home". Am I dreaming or is this from a different episode.

You are correct, Jeffrey.  After the Chopin, the show cuts to later, with everyone more informal, standing around the piano and having a good time.  Jim is playing "Two Sleepy People" and, if I recall, the woman who earlier tried to steal him from Elaine is coming on hard.  He sings "and too much in love to say goodnight" and then looks at her and says goodnight.

Okay, the point is made that Iggy surprises Elaine and helps her out, but that extra bit, that grace note, works for both comedy and plot reasons.  Cut the catheter commercial instead.

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