Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kudos to AP

It's not often one has a chance to praise the press, too much of what they write is just garbage.

But this story is a masterpiece. Concise, robust, meaningful. It ought to be nominated for a Pulitzer. It's sure to be better than the winner. The last sentence both adds new information and is the perfect close. And all the opportunities for judgment, but they just report it straight. Nearly unheard of these days.

(Bonus: Harvard Extension School. Who knew? What, they haven't devalued their degree sufficiently?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Harvard Extension School is an adult education program whose admission criteria consists on having your check clear. A Republican candidate for MA governor in the 1982 claimed to be Harvard-educated until it surfaced he had simply attended the Extension School. This and other prevarications (about his and his father's war records) hurt his campaign and he lost a libel case against the Boston Globe

6:54 AM, November 30, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Harvard, always ahead of the curve. MOOC before anyone knew what MOOC was.

So what you're telling me is, as far as admission standards go, it isn't the Extension School piggybacking off the main university, but vice versa.

9:05 AM, November 30, 2014  
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