Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Day After The Day Before

Okay, election over, I think.  I'm still out, so what do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm doing the wave.

8:10 AM, November 05, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Scott Brown lost again to a different woman in a different state. So there's that.

12:16 PM, November 05, 2014  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

The day after Election Day is Schadenfreude Day, at least for roughly half the population every two years.

I never miss a vote, but this year for the first time an election I participated in has been decided by a mere handful of votes (my Democratic State Senate incumbant is ahead by less than 3 dozen votes!). So for the first time, I've gone to the Sec. of State elections site just to check if my vote was counted, and so far, I'm disturbed that I can't confirm that it was recorded. I voted 2 weeks ago, and although CO switched to all mail-in ballots, I chose to vote in person in a booth (call me nostalgic). That may be the reason there is a delay in confirming whether my vote was counted, but I have filed an info request which should be answered within 48 hours, according to the site.

Local elections feel more impactful. The Colo. State Senate switched from D to R last night (whether or not my current State Senator wins), and I can see the effect immediately of the laws passed by the State Legislature. But clearly there are surprises and meaningful elections even at the national level. The pundits on the left are proclaiming this Republican victory will be short lived, but of course they are just expressing frustration today - no predictions for 2016 this far in advance deserve any respect. The fact is, there will now be two years of debates, votes and gaffes to evaluate before another 33 Senate seats are up for election. No matter how much money is spent, it is always difficult to dislodge incumbants. The US Government (and each of our state governments) manage and disperse vast sums of money. They are certainly as important as the biggest companies in the world, and much more impactful to life on earth than I'd say 2/3 of the other countries out there combined.

So consider: The Republicans have a 24 seat Senate majority. Angus King has indicated he would be willing to caucus with the Republicans - that's 55. In 2016 the Republicans are likely to win NV (finally) and WV. That's 57. No matter whatthe climate, the Dems face an uphill fight to flip 7 or 8 seats. It will be interesting to watch, and participate!

12:30 PM, November 05, 2014  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

New England Guy, how did Coakley lose this time?

12:31 PM, November 05, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Where are all those anonymous's who thought NEG was delusional to expect more than 51?

1:09 PM, November 05, 2014  
Blogger New England Guy said...

Remind me of where I expected more than 51? I might have but I don't remember. Maybe you mean LAG?

Coakley as a prosecutor type never had much appeal beyond other lawyers and party insiders. However if she wanted I think she could probably be AG for life. Charlie Baker and Scott Brown (2010 version) sold themselves as what I guess the true believers would call RINOs (as did Mitt Romney when he won the Gov race in 2002) and as nice guys and had broad appeal across the electorate.

Charlie Baker in the 2010 governor election that he lost to Deval Patrick and Scott Brown in the current loss in NH and in the 2012 loss to Elizabeth Warren ran pretty darn nasty campaigns more on the national model and that did not resonate up here.

3:08 PM, November 05, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Apologies. I've never seen you and Denver Guy in the same room. Well, maybe Contracts.

2:24 AM, November 06, 2014  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Yeah, I predicted 54, which could even turn out to be low if a recount in VA gets Warren kicked out (not likely). But I don't think I predicted an Angus King caucus switch, though I did think it possible.

7:14 AM, November 06, 2014  
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