Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Louis C.K. is in that rare position of someone who's really good, but praised so often that he's become overrated.  He was nominated for four Emmys for the fourth (I'd hate to read this sentence on the radio) and most recent season of his quirky show Louie, winning one, and yet it was probably his weakest season so far. Instead of telling one or even two stories per half hour, he decided to go long-form, letting stories last hours, losing their comic and narrative focus (which made some critics, alas, love him all the more).

His fifth season will start in a few months and I've been worried it'll only get worse. But good news, everyone.  Perhaps he got tired of the new format, perhaps he just learned his lesson, but Louis has announced the next season will be more "laugh-centric."

Louie has never been about conventional jokes, but when the humor is so far behind in the rearview mirror it's missing something.  Let's hope Louie still has it in him.


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