Monday, February 23, 2015

Up The Academy

Quick review of the Oscars.  Went by painlessly enough, though Neil Patrick Harris is better at hosting the Tonys.  And that prediction stunt was lame--as magic, comedy or some unholy mix of the two.

Biggest Winner: Birdman.  They spread the wealth last night, but Birdman won a bunch, including three above-the-line awards, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay.  Second biggest winner was either Grand Budapest Hotel, which got four awards (all technical, and generally deserved) or Whiplash, the little film that could, that won three.

Biggest Loser: Boyhood. Up for a bunch of major awards, only managing a Best Supporting Actress. (Waiting 12 years to lose must be tough.). Second biggest loser is Michael Keaton--his film Birdman is winning awards right and left, but he can't even win the sentimental vote for Best Actor.

Biggest disappointment (to me): Butter Lamp, easily the best of the short live action films, lost to The Phone Call, the worst.

A few notes:

Two short films about crisis hotlines won Oscars--expect more, I guess.

Love it or hate it, Birdman is one of the most arty and experimental films ever to win the Best Picture Oscar.

A number of people hijacked the ceremony to make political speeches, demonstrating they're full-of-themselves boors. If only the audience would sit on their hands, rather than go "me too, I care!," we might make some progress.

It was nice to see Julie Andrews, but did we need a 50th anniversary Lady Gaga musical tribute to The Sound Of Music?  Cut that and the show comes in on time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The politicking is the most interesting part of the show. -Says a hater of show people

6:32 AM, February 23, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean how interesting are thank yous?

6:35 AM, February 23, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I was waiting for the In Memoriam segment, but got too bored to watch after the "Everything is Awesome" production. But I flipped back just in time to see Meryl Streep give a nice intro to the worst "In Memoriam" I've seen. No clips, no pictures, barely a bio, no real indication of accomplishments (besides a squigly line drawing) - and then a long, mediocre song by Jennifer Hudson I turned off half way through. For all the effort they put into it, I would suggest next year they just include the list of names in the end credits under "Couldn't be with us tonight."

8:24 AM, February 23, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

P.S. I don't think it was wrong to leave Joan Rivers off the list - was she ever in a movie?

But a little comment from Harris would have been appropriate - perhaps a joke about how the fashions were finally perfect this year - we'll miss you Joan.

8:27 AM, February 23, 2015  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Cutting the Jennifer Hudson song would have been even better than cutting Lady Gaga. Or at least sing the song while we see the names.

Joan Rivers was in a handful of films. She makes an interesting cameo very early in her career in The Swimmer. Her main connection to film was writing, directing and appearing in the comedy Rabbit Test. If it hadn't flopped I'm sure she wouldn't have continued making movies.

9:56 AM, February 23, 2015  

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