Monday, February 02, 2015


I don't really follow pro football too closely, but that was a classic Super Bowl.  The reason I don't follow it closely is because by team is the Lions, who never get past the first round when they're lucky enough to make it in the playoffs. I didn't know who to root for so, as an alumnus of Michigan, I picked the team with the most notable former Wolverine, which obviously is the Patriots.

At first the game looked like it would be a blowout, and if Brady hadn't thrown that first interception, who knows.  But to everyone's surprise, after having their offense shut down for most of the first two quarters, the Seahawks came back and the game was tied 14-14 at halftime.

So it's down to a thirty-minute game, and now New England goes from Patriots to patsies.  With ten minutes left New England is down ten points, and Tom Brady is thinking maybe next year.  But once again, the Seahawks' offense falters and Brady breaks the record for most Super Bowl TD passes.  Now there's about 8 minutes left and Seattle has a three point lead.  This is when the cable went out at the party I attended, but I assume the Seahawks continued to be hapless.  Only a few minutes left and Brady does it again.

But so what?  Last half Seattle drove down the field an 29 seconds, and now they've got over two minutes.  And sure enough, they're slicing through New England, knowing that a field goal won't do it.  There's an amazing reception by Jermaine Kearse that bounced around but didn't hit the ground, and now Seattle is five yards away from glory.  A running play and they're one yard away.

At this point, everyone in the world is figuring they'll give it to Marshawn Lynch (again)--he should be able to burrow into the end zone, and, anyway, there's a timeout left.  But Pete Carroll's too smart for that.  He has Russell Wilson pass and it's picked off by Malcolm Butler.  (Next we're wondering how can Brady take a knee if he's in the end zone, but that was taken care of by a foolish derfensive penalty.)

About half the people at the party were rooting for the Seahawks, so it was fascinating to see their exasperation.  Both sides had plenty to bother them along the way, but to have your team come so close and fail must be maddening.  I'm sure it'll give Pete Carroll a lot to think about for the next six months.  He probably figured if the pass doesn't work he can run on the next play.  Keep thinking that, Pete.

PS  I heard Katy Perry had a weird show, but I was out taking a walk during halftime.


Blogger New England Guy said...

Well there was a Lion there during halftime

2:48 AM, February 02, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I liked Katy Perry's half-time. It's also the only part of the Superbowl my daughter watched.

More importantly (since I dislike the Seahawls and Patriots), is the commercial bowl! I measure ads not only by the entertainment value, but the degree to which I can remember the product advertised in a favorable light.

I think my favorite commercial was near the beginning - for Snickers - with Machette standing in for Marsha Brady until she gets a Snickers Bar (and Steve Buscemi standing in for Jan Brady) in the classic "Marsha got a boo boo on her nose" episode.

What I really liked about it built on this series of ads that started with the likes of Abe Vigoda and Roseanne as the grumpy pre-Snickers character. Machette was over the top, sinking an axe in the Brady's coffee table. Of course the technical skill in splicing these guys into the original video was excellent.

The top ad for USA Today's panel was Budweiser's Puppy and Clydesdales spot, which I'll admit was in my top five (they are expert in telling a touching little story in 30 seconds). This was also a sequel ad.

Perhaps the worst ad, in my estimation, was McDonalds promising thattthrough Valentines Day, checkout clerks will be randomly asking certain customers to hug or dance or show some kindness to pay for the meal. I will be avoiding McDonalds until after Valentines Day for sure!

Superbowl regulars Doritos, Esurance, TurboTax and several car companies all had pretty good entries. There is a lot of talk about the "... like a Girl" ad, but I can't tell you who ran the ad and maybe I just didn't get it because I'm not a girl.

But my second favorite was a newcomer - and ad with Liam Neeson evoking his character from "Taken" for a smartphone game called Clash of Clans. I don't play smartphone games, but if I did, I would be downloading it right now.

8:28 AM, February 02, 2015  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I agree the McDonald's thing sounds horrible. I know they're in trouble lately, but I don't go there to make an emotional connection--just take my five bucks and let me leave.

The worst ad, according to most people, is the one about the dead kid. Who needs that during the Super Bowl?

9:45 AM, February 02, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that was Columbus's own Nationwide Insurance! Don't you Guys know how important insurance is! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE if you don't get it. AND YOUR KIDS TOO.

SWMBCg, etc.

10:00 AM, February 02, 2015  
Blogger New England Guy said...

The point of the Nationwide ad was that your kid might die and you'll feel horrible so you better take out a big hefty policy on him/her so at least you'll be swimming in cash?

Best tweet about the halftime show "Late stage capitalism is so weird."

11:22 AM, February 02, 2015  

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