Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Last Laugh?

I watched the first two episodes of The Last Man On Earth, a new Fox sitcom starring Will Forte (that did pretty well in the ratings). The concept is everyone was wiped out by a virus in 2019 except Tucson resident Phil Miller.  He travels around the country but can't find anyone, so he settles in to a long, lonely yet luxurious life.

The idea is different, to be sure, but in its most basic form, not that appealing for a sitcom.  For a movie, yes--it's been done, in fact--but the idea of seeing the same guy week after week, and no one else, would get tiresome.

Happily, by the end of the pilot, Phil has found another person--the quirky Carol, played by Kristen Schaal.  So he's found the last women on earth, and she's got her own ideas of how things should go, which cause friction.

While the first two half hours weren't bad, the show still threatens to be rather limited.  Other actors have been announced for future episodes, though it's not known if they'll be in the present of the show, or flashbacks.  But even if they're still alive, it sounds like this is just another version of Gilligan's Island with dirtier gags.

I think I'll keep watching (a half hour opened up when Parks And Recreation left the air) but if it doesn't promise more, I may not last much longer.


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