Sunday, May 17, 2015

Is that you, Cass?

Here is a delightful column by Tyler Cowen in the New York Times.

It's astounding that the Times published it, for one thing.

Mostly, though, it's wonderful how it is couched:

It is hard to avoid the feeling that our current economic problems are more than just a cyclical downturn.
One relatively optimistic view
Another commonly heard view
but there is a much more disturbing possibility that could turn out to be more accurateFrom this perspective
we may be responding to these difficult revelations
In this troubling view, we have finally
Let’s consider an analogy to see how this might work in practice.
Such processes are scary because we may be watching
There are signs that a comparable story may apply
Here is another change that might be a broader sign  
All of these factors could indicate
In short, are these economic problems transitory, or are we glimpsing the beginnings of a grimmer future?
If a reset is underway,
No one knows whether or how much

Yes, indeed, it may be so, according to what some could say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did you think of it, and why do you consider it astounding the Times published it, or is too much to ask for you to answer these basic questions. For that matter, is it too much for you to state what the article says?

1:44 PM, May 17, 2015  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Don't you want to know why it's Cass?

3:09 AM, May 18, 2015  
Anonymous different anonymous said...

That too

10:38 AM, May 18, 2015  

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