Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Up, Chuck Chuck

The latest internet craze is "Charlie, Charlie." The basic idea is you put one pencil on top of another, yell out "Charlie, Charlie are you there?" and the pencil will move, pointing to a pre-written answer.  Sort of a poor person's Ouija Board of Magic 8 Ball. Who's this Charlie?  Some dead Mexican kid, or something like, that who's helping you with the answers.

Seems fairly harmless, if stupid.  Of course, there's always a crowd that sees communing with the evil spirits as dangerous.

In fact, just by chance (or was it?) I recently saw a film about the occult produced in the 1980s.  It was talking about all sorts of new age doings, such as past-life regressions where people speak different languages, not to mention mediums who tell folks things "they couldn't possibly have known." Then in comes the film's expert to explain it all.  Since we know from the Bible, for instance, that there's no reincarnation, there's only one explanation--it must be demons.  Seems to me there are other more obvious explanations he was missing, but what do I know, I'm not an expert.


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