Tuesday, June 23, 2015

His Music Will Go On

Hollywood's in shock right now--James Horner, probably the most popular composer in movies, just died.  He was piloting his own small plane when he crashed.

He scored well over a hundred films, and many TV shows.  He was nominated for ten Oscars, winning two for Titanic.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

One of the best composers for film - I'm sad there will be no more works. Most people seem to cite John Williams as the greatest, but I have noticed that certain themes appear again and again in Williams' best scores. Listen to Jurassic Park and then listen to Harry Potter.

Not that I've made an in depth study, but Horner's best scores always seem fully unique and tailored to the subject matter. Maybe its just my impression, but I feel I can hear a Williams score without knowing it's his (same with Danny Elfman). But every Horner work is a distictive delight when I hear it for the first time.

5:40 AM, June 23, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certain themes may appear again and again in Williams, but certain themes taken from other composers appear in Horner's work.

8:25 AM, June 23, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Same's true for Mozart. I would rather have a variety of themes, even variations on someone elses themes, than roughly the same sound again and again. But I overstate the case - Williams is a great film composer too. I just find he has fewer unique sounds.

9:06 AM, June 26, 2015  

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