Sunday, July 05, 2015

Search Me

I have a friend who loves one of those shows where they try to pick new stars.  I forget the name of the show, because there are a ton of them, but I don't watch a single one. Perhaps they're entertaining, but I'll never find out--I'm too busy watching shows with people who have already made it in show biz.

I faintly recall David Letterman mocking one of the first of this modern wave, Star Search.  Dave would ask, in horror, "where oh where will we find our new stars?!" The actual situation, as Dave understood, is we've got a glut of people in show business.  Not just too many who aren't good enough, but too many who are good enough.  There are already more than enough good records, TV shows, movies, etc., if you just know where to look, and plenty of people ready to replace all the artists out there.  In fact, if you killed every star in the world today, the next tier would take over and you wouldn't notice the difference.

So I was thinking maybe we should have a new Star Search.  We'll search for stars who have been around too long.  Maybe they're okay, but we've seen enough.  Every week, the judges will pick yet another well-known name who has to leave show biz to make room for everyone else.


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