Friday, November 06, 2015

Getting The DTs

Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.  Considering his notoriety, it's a pretty major get.  Still, even as a former host of a reality TV show, no one expects him to have comic chops.  In general, I prefer SNL to make fun of politicians, not have them on the show.  But they do have a long record of political cameos (such as a recent Hillary appearance) as well as the occasional hosting job.

So I can't blame them for taking Trump, even if it'll damp down the entertainment value as it ups the controversy.  I'm more surprised Trump took it, since you'd think he has better things to do.

All too predictably, a lot of people, including politicians who should know better, are protesting, essentially arguing that people who have politics different from theirs shouldn't be allowed on TV.  And some entertainment writers, who should know better, are saying it's a mistake for political reasons.  Who?  Well, a couple examples are Brian Lowry in Variety--"By Booking Donald Trump, 'SNL' Looks Like The Biggest Loser"--and Dennis Perkins at The A.V. Club--"Donald Trump Threatens To Wipe Out What Political Relevance SNL Has Left."

I'd recount their arguments except they don't have any.  The articles are hissy fits from people who can't stand Trump's politics.

I guess I'll watch.  I usually watch the show anyway, though mostly through force of habit.  But if Trump is better at comedy than, say, Steve Forbes, I'll be shocked.


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