Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Have A Good Feeling About This

They really battened down the hatches on the new Star Wars film.  There was simply no buzz, good or bad.  But after Monday night's premiere the word is finally getting out.  And it's good.

Okay, it's just celebrities at the premiere, which isn't the same as a paying audience, much less hardened critics, but still, they could just keep quiet.  I think they did that with The Phantom Menace.

So the tweets have it. It does seem the film delivers.  Everyone knew The Force Awakens would open huge, but now not only will it fly, it'll also have legs.

(The funny thing is while I want to know if it's thumbs up or down, otherwise I'm trying my best to keep radio silence.  When Star Wars actors appear on talk shows--as they've been doing regularly--I don't watch.  They might casually drop a plot point.)


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