Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Setting the stage

So at least now all the Republican machinery can get behind Rubio. Can he take out Trump? Not sure I hope so. All the ER's wanted Trump to take out Cruz; maybe Trump can take out Rubio now instead.

And at least the good folks of New Hampshire can do America a favor and send John Kasich home. Not sure Ohio will be helped much, but hey, we can take one for the team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 2.8% and a strong 6th place finish, I can feel the Jeb!mentum

4:05 AM, February 02, 2016  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm predicting a Trump, Rubio, Kasich finish. NH will not like Cruz, and Rubio will get Jeb's votes. But Kasich has put a lot of time and money into NH. I do think it will be his last hurrah, but I think we'll see him in SC.

The flaw in my theory is if Christie has actually earned some points for his petulance. He might get 3rd place instead.

9:59 AM, February 03, 2016  

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