Sunday, June 12, 2016

Turn The Page

I've noticed a lot of websites have a certain feature.  When you get ready to hit the back button something pops up on the screen saying the equivalent of "don't leave yet, we've got more...."

This is like meeting someone for the first time--someone you may or may not like--and having him grab your coat as you're trying to gracefully exit.  Or it's like walking into a store on a city street, checking out the goods, and then on your way out have the shopkeeper get in your face trying to explain how there's so much more you haven't seen.

Here's my suggestion: if you want me to stay, or at least return some day, have good content.  And then don't bother me about it.

Another thing I've noticed is how as soon as you hit a page they tell you they've updated their privacy or cookie policy, and even ask if that's okay with you.  While I appreciate the information, the funny thing is I didn't really think about their policy to begin with, but telling me its updated makes me want to get away from there as fast as possible.  Even if they try to block me with a pop-up.


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