Monday, October 24, 2016

ACL Yoo-Hoo

I can't believe how lucky I am! I just got a special packet from the ACLU.  They note on the envelope that I've been selected to represent California by sharing my opinion in an enclosed survey.  What an awesome duty.

Before the survey, they explain, "Nationwide, we're seeing a relentless and wide-ranging assault on our fundamental freedoms." Sounds like a good cause.  Much of the survey is about "Religious Freedom In California," which they set up with a prologue:

Across the country, we're seeing efforts to twist the meaning of religious liberty to allow people and businesses to use religion as a license to discriminate and a means to impose religious beliefs on others.

So what, according to the survey, bothers them?  People not being forced to make pastry for others with an agenda they don't approve of.  Companies with religious objections not being forced to provide access to contraceptives.  That sort of stuff.

But it's not all religion. For instance, there's stuff about voting rights. Or as they put it, "Efforts across the states to increase voting barriers, making it harder and often impossible for poor, minority,* and elderly citizens to make it to the polls."

I kept waiting for something about how one of the candidates for president has specifically promised to try to limit our First Amendment rights if elected, but nothing.  I guess you can only have so many priorities.

At the end of the survey there's a form to send in a donation to the ACLU--they suggest a minimum of $35.  I can send it back postage paid!  I haven't decided how much to send, yet, but I better act soon--apparently they need this information by mid-November.  I'd hate to be late and not have any influence in the fight for religious liberty and other basic rights.

*How classy, an Oxford comma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If liberals truly believe that photo-ID requirements for voting are racist, then why do they support photo-ID requirements for driving?

2:07 PM, October 24, 2016  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Is there a limit on the postage paid marker? I would consider putting a slab of slate in the envelope. Not that I have a great dislike for the organization. I mourn the passing of the non-partisan ACLU, the ACLU of Skokie, but heck, every organization has a right to gather, express their opinions and fund raise (I think that's all covered under that 1st Amendment they were talking about). But it is not smart to give people a blank check to send stuff in the mail.

8:52 AM, October 25, 2016  

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