Sunday, October 09, 2016

What's That Sound?

I recently heard Simon & Garfunkel's original "The Sound Of Silence" with a modern beat added to the background.  I can't seem to find it, but here is a version with a new beat to give you an idea:

At first, I was offended--partly on behalf of songwriter Paul Simon.  Who are they to change his song and recording (assuming he didn't give permission).  But then I thought about the history of the song.  It was originally done as a folk song, and was a commercial failure.

In fact, after the group's first album didn't sell, Simon went to England and recorded a solo album. Meanwhile, producer Tom Wilson added a rock sound to their single, hopping on the folk-rock bandwagon.

The idea succeeded beyond expectations.  It went to #1, Simon & Garfunkel got back together, and become one of the biggest groups of the 60s.  So if someone wants to turn the beat around one more time, how can he complain?


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