Friday, December 23, 2016

To Begin With

I just watched some adaptation or other of A Christmas Carol on TV.  There are numerous versions out there, so it plays pretty regularly this time of year.

It got me thinking.  Who is this Scrooge character?  Well, he's a miser who's given visions and has a change of heart.  So in the ever-after present, he is always a joyous and generous man.  But when you call someone a Scrooge, you mean someone who's odiously tightfisted.

This happens with a lot of characters.  Their plot is about how they change, but they are permanently known as their before, not their after.  Interesting how it works.

PS  What about Marley?  Unlike his old partner, he's not redeemed--in fact, he's forever cursed.  But he never got the chance that Scrooge is given.  Is that fair?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair? What are you? A millennial?

6:11 AM, December 24, 2016  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Unlike Marley, Scrooge had one person who considered him a friend. There was no one in the after life to give him a warning. What I always wondered was why the ghosts of Xmas Past, Present & Future were available to spend a whole night with Scrooge? Is this a regular part of their job description?

9:18 AM, December 27, 2016  

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