Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Goody Goody

The Good Place has been renewed.  13 more episodes next season.  Good news. But, as I've noted, the new direction of season 2 isn't promising.

(Spoilers ahead)

The first season was all about a women who found herself in heaven by mistake. She spent all her time trying to remain in the good place and not go to the bad place.  Till the last episode when she discovered this so-called good place was actually a fiendishly designed bad place.

Now she'll start out in the bad place. The audience knows it--as do most of the people in the "good place"--but she doesn't.  The question becomes how will she find her old friends and discover (or uncover) her situation.

I loved the premise of the first season.  It was fun to see someone fight to be happy. Now she's already miserable, and is being tortured, but doesn't know it.  Not so fun.

I'll watch because I like the cast. I'm sure creator Michael Schur has some new tricks up his sleeve.  Perhaps by the end of the season, there'll be another switcheroo. I hope there is, because I no longer like the premise.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

The Good Place is our favorite new show the current season, and we are glad it has been renewed. Our other favorite, Frequency on the CW, was not so lucky. By CW standards, I guess there weren't enough hot 20 somethings jumping in bed with each other.

I don't know about the surprise in the Good Place. Throughout the series we had a sneaking suspicion that the Good Place was the bad place, if only because it has been a common TV trope since early Twilight Zone episodes. Honestly, the idea of the afterlife being run so incompetently didn't seem likely. But I think you are right, there will surely be another twist to drive next season. For one thing, is the middle place real, or just part of the torture plan?

This is one of those shows where I wonder if they would be better off keeping seasons to 13 or so episodes a year, instead of trying to fill 22 episodes. I worry they will run out of scenarios and topics quickly, especially now that we know it is about just 4 human characters.

8:32 AM, February 01, 2017  
Blogger New England Guy said...

I've tried to watch this 2-3 times. Seems a bit too arch. I think ABC (?) had these weird simplistic alternate reality shows before (around 2010-11?)-they seem cleverly written with nice bright colors but I never really felt engaged and they are so plotty that if you miss a bit, you're out of the loop (or I felt that way).

Of course in the cold tired night, I enjoy loathing formulaic family comedies* ("This is so stupid- why am I watching?") so what do I know.

*Kevin Can Wait/Man with a Plan etc..

Though I think Life in Pieces is somewhat cleverer and seems to have better jokes and better names and acting and the D-I-L is kind of cute, smart and surly.

10:38 AM, February 01, 2017  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I liked Life in Pieces, but fell behind and haven't caught up - maybe will stream this summer.

9:29 AM, February 02, 2017  
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