Monday, January 23, 2017

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

It was just announced that Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga will be called The Last Jedi.

That's what they say, but those Jedi are tricky.  I wouldn't put it past them to change it.  They've done it before, in a title with the same proper noun.

I'm sure you all remember that Episode III, Return Of The Jedi, was first announced as Revenge Of The Jedi, before George Lucas decided that was too harsh. (I recall seeing a low-budget film around that time where one teen asked another "Do you want to see Revenge Of The Jedi?" I'm sure they were not happy when Lucas changed his mind.)

There's already a lot of speculation regarding this last Jedi.  Is it Luke (new hope to last Jedi)? Rey? Is it plural? Does it mean the Jedi are coming back?

Whatever, they sure fell off the map fast. In the original Star Wars, you got the feeling it was an ancient, long-forgotten cult from centuries ago.  Then came the prequels--ah yes, the prequels, screwing with our ideas of what happened.  Thanks, George.  We saw that the Jedi were well-known, common, and running things just a generation before Luke and Leia saved the rebellion.

Things happened fast a long time ago.


Blogger New England Guy said...

Titles should be vaguely exciting sounding and capable of numerous interpretations. I think that was the strength of the original "Star Wars" title back when. (A New Hope is not a real title- sorry) It left a large capacity for customer imagination in advance of the product.

Its a brand now but "Star Wars" not really overly descriptive of what all the films are about- there are wars out in space (among the stars) sure but there is so much more.

The Last Jedi as a title is slightly more limiting (like other movies, it uses a made-up term from the ST universe so they aren't really going for the people who aren't fans already) but its still indeterminate enough to get you wondering.

6:35 AM, January 24, 2017  

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