Thursday, March 30, 2017

Money Chase

I'd like to write something today, but I just got a very important email I have to deal with.   Here's what it says:

Αs Ρart οf ουr secυrity measυres, ωe regυlarly υpdate all accουnts οn ουr database system. We are υnable tο υpdate yουr οnline accουnt and therefοre ωe ωill be clοsing yουr οnline accουnt tempοrarily tο enable the υpgrade.

Το Ρreνent an interrυptiοn ωith yουr Chαse serνices, Ρlease take a feω mοments tο υpdate yουr accουnt by filling ουt the νerificatiοn fοrm manυally.

Then it's got something for me to click on so I can log in to my account.  So I'd love to stay and chat, but this is too big to ignore.  We'll talk later.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

The lower-case omegas add a touch of professionalism to the email.

7:50 PM, March 30, 2017  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I've wondered if there's some reason for that--some sort of anti-detection things.

5:24 PM, March 31, 2017  

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